We would like to give a special thanks to:

  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for providing the funding for the development of the database.
  • Swarthmore College for hosting the project.
  • Last Call Media for creating the database.
  • Eric Behrens, Michael Kappeler, and Les Leach for their on-going support of the technical aspects of this project.
  • Dara Regaignon, who started out on this journey with us and was instrumental in getting it off the ground through her work constructing the two surveys, locating contact information on websites, working on the grant, and helping to process the first-year data.
  • Caitlin Holmes for her work processing the WAC section of the database and with follow- up with the two-year survey.
  • Michelle LaFrance and the George Mason WAC Program for their work on the WAC section of the database.
  • Leo Rayfiel, Diondra Straiton, and Joy Martinez who served as student researchers and who helped to process some of the four-year data.
  • Jenn Wells and Collie Fulford who helped to locate institution contact information.
  • The many testers of the two and four-year survey who identified potential problems with the initial survey.
  • The Council of Writing Program Administrators for sponsoring sessions at the annual CCCC conference to promote the Census project.
  • The countless individuals who took the time to complete the survey and respond to our requests to clarify their responses.